Get everything you need from LVT flooring

LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) puts the "luxury" in luxury vinyl. Once you experience the great diversity this material offers you and your home, you’ll be forever spoiled to all the benefits. Most people first consider the charming good looks that are evident right away. Easily matching your decor or elements of your interior design, you’ll love the fact that you can also choose a different look for every single room. They’re durable too. Scratches, scuffs, cracking, and fading are no match for this material, as it’s constructed to withstand heavy wear and continue looking absolutely amazing.

Floor Inspirations Design & Build creates the perfect shopping environment for the discerning customer. We have high-quality floor coverings and products and expert associates trained to not only help you browse our Houston, TX showroom but also to answer any questions you might have about the flooring you fall in love with. Once you have the perfect materials, we’ll provide a team of professional installers who are trained experts in their field and take the greatest care while in your home. We currently serve the areas of Houston, Katy, Bunker Hill Village, Sugarland, and Memorial, and we’d love nothing more than to serve your flooring needs as well.

LVT gives you plenty of options

With LVT, you get the very best of so many worlds. You have the amazing ability to match your furniture, wall colors, countertops, and more. In some instances, you may even want to place the flooring first and remodel around that. This material gives you the option of plenty of artistic designs and it also mimics natural resources such as tile, wood, and stone. With this many choices, you’re sure to find the one that best fits your own personal preferences and requirements for flooring.

It’s also one of the most durable floor coverings on the market. Constructed in layers, you have a sturdy backing layer, core components including the design layer and it’s all topped off with a protective wear layer. This means you will see less scratching, scuffing, and fading, while enjoying the true beauty of these floors for years to come. With lifespans averages 25 years or more, you won’t have to shop for new flooring anytime in the near future. It’s also a quick and easy install, which means you’ll be able to walk on and enjoy them sooner than you might think.

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