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When hardwood flooring is the best option

Hardwood floors offer characteristics no other flooring can, and that’s one of the reasons so many materials attempt to mimic this amazing look. There is an undeniable elegance found in this material that is both classic and timeless. It rises above and beyond trends to offer something that easily lasts a lifetime and beyond. In both aesthetics and durability, you’ll be hard pressed to find an equal for this all-encompassing floor covering. It could be the very material you’ve been waiting for and truly deserve.

Floor Inspirations offers an excellent selection of high-quality floor coverings, products, and services that assure a perfect completion to your flooring project. We don’t just want you to find a flooring material you can live with; we want you to find one that makes all your flooring dreams come true. Our professional associates can certainly help with that, right down to providing free, in-home consultation and design advice. We proudly serve the needs of the Houston, Katy, Bunker Hill Village, Sugarland, and Memorial communities, all from our showroom in Houston, TX. We invite you to stop in so that we can assist you too.

Hardwood options make it more beneficial

When you choose hardwood flooring for your home, you are actually embarking on a bit of a decision-making journey. You still need to make several choices that will affect your flooring and help it reach its expected lifespan. One of those choices is a proper wood species. Since species are rated from soft to hard, you’ll need to choose the one hard enough to meet your needs. For instance, the busier your home, the harder that species will need to be. Inside closets would be a proper placement for softer woods.

You should know, before embarking on your journey to hardwood flooring, that this material can never be installed below grade. That means basements are off-limits, or any basement rooms. If you have spaces like this that need flooring, and you have wood floors throughout the rest of your home, our associates can direct you to an excellent alternative and still manage to keep that classic look at the same time.

These floors must also be given ample time to acclimate to your specific environment. This time period can last from 24 to 72 hours or so and is entirely necessary. Without it, your brand new hardwood floors could crack, warp, or buckle, so make sure this step is never skipped.

Wood flooring is available is 3 different specifications

Solid Wood
Unfinished, or pre-finished
Installed over wood subfloors
Use on, or above ground level
Nail, or staple down
Engineered Wood
Unfinished / Pre-finished
Installed over concrete slabs or wood subfloors
Use on, or above ground level
Glue-down, staple, or float
Long Strip
Unfinished, or pre-finished
Installed over dry concrete slabs, or wood subfloors
Use on, or above ground level
Glue-down, staple, or float
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Bunker Hill Village, TX from Floor Inspirations

When it comes to natural beauty it's hard to beat the look and warmth of real hardwood flooring

At Floor Inspirations, we carry all today’s finest hardwood styles and colors, including names like Bruce, Hartco, Mannington, Mohawk, Columbia and more! With every purchase we offer expert installation. From solid oak, maple, and many other hardwood species, to the prefinished engineered or floating wood flooring, we can help you choose the right wood floor for your decor, and lifestyle.

Choosing a hardwood floor can be confusing, so let our expert staff help you decide which wood floor is right for your home.

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