Is dark or light hardwood flooring better?

Is dark or light hardwood flooring better?

There are plenty of wood flooring options as you search for the perfect materials. One of those choices is light or dark stain coloring.

Each offers specific benefits, but one is likely to serve you best. And now is a great time to find out more about them, so you'll know what to choose for yourself.

Light stain color benefits

One of the best attributes of the light stain color trend is that it brightens any room. It's perfect for rooms with smaller windows, as it brings solid hardwood flooring alive with only a bit of natural light.

But this is also the best choice for pet owners because it hides dander, dirt, and debris. In addition, since cleanup is easier, you'll find more time for more essential matters in life.

Dark stain color benefits

Dark stain colors offer the impressive benefit of almost no fading. In addition, dark colors absorb light, so there isn't as much damage as natural light.

These options are rich, elegant, and perfect for extensive decor settings. Be sure to see them in person to find out what they can do for your wood flooring needs.

Once you choose a stain color

Once you choose the perfect color, secure your investment with a professional installation. We'll give you all the details, so you'll know just what to expect from start to finish.

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